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Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine

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Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine
Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine adopts an advanced high-definition visual system with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm and high-speed image processing technology, combined with a stable mechanical structure and reliable control system, which can detect various defects such capsule damage, black spot, stain, abnormal shape, split, top concave and other imperfections. The equipment also includes several advanced in-house developed technologies, including a mechanical structure, electronic cam, high-speed graphics acquisition system and AI (Artificial Intelligence) defect recognition algorithm, which can accurately detect the appearance of the capsule at a high speed of 360 degrees, with a speed of 2 times per second. Moreover, the defective capsules can be automatically rejected, which solves the problems of subjective emotion, fatigue factor, accuracy, and speed of manual detection, thus greatly reducing the production costs of pharmaceutical enterprises.

Features of Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine

  • Capsules can be automatically lifted and fed by means of compressed air.
  • This machine can be connected to the automatic capsule filling machine or liquid capsule filling sealing machine to form one production line according to the different number of channels or can be used as one single machine.
  • Automatic detection and elimination of defective capsules by means of the visual inspection principle and high-speed image processing technology.
  • The detection information is based on templates and can be deployed repeatedly; the core testing software is customized, which can be designed dynamically according to the characteristics of customers’ products.
  • Some defects can be classified and identified by deep AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Real time storage of test data, dynamic display of test results, real-time images and running status.
  • The software adopts a modular design, which is easy to upgrade, improve and maintain.
  • No capsule is stored in the channels and feeding hopper after each batch.
  • After capsules are rectified, capsules can be detected one by one, with a speed that can reach 2 capsules per second.
  • Wide range application to hard capsules: #000, #00EL, #00, #0EL, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 by changing the tooling.
  • HMI has different operation authorities.
  • Simple structure, easy to operate, maintain and clean.
  • No contact is made to the capsule during the whole process, which reduces the human risk and contamination.

Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine Structure

The main structure includes:

  1. Capsule feeding hopper
  2. Capsule orientation mechanism
  3. Capsule rotation mechanism
  4. Capsule push mechanism
  5. Defective capsule box
  6. Visual inspection system
  7. Capsule discharge mechanism
  8. Air storage tank
  9. HMI
  10. Electric control cabinet
  11. Alarm light
Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine Structure

Automatic capsule filling machine working principle

Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine Working Principle

The filled capsules enter the feeding hopper through the automatic lifting mechanism (or can be fed manually). Through the capsule orientation mechanism, the vertically arranged capsules are released one at a time, and the capsules are then pushed horizontally to enter the capsule rotating mechanism. The capsules rotate circumferentially by means of the capsule rotation mechanism. The rotating capsules are then accurately pushed to the visual inspection area by the pushing mechanism. Through multiple optical reflectors, capsule appearance can be reflected to the visual inspection system in all directions. The previous group of detected capsules are sent to the discharging mechanism at the same time the visual inspection process takes place. Finally, the defective capsules are sent into the defective capsule receiving box through the rejection device in the capsule discharging mechanism, while the qualified capsules are sent into the finished product barrel or subsequent process.

Automatic capsule visual inspection machine working process

Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine Working Process

Automatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine Technical Data

Machine NameAutomatic Capsule Visual Inspection Machine
Max. inspection speed216,000 capsules/h
Inspection rangeOuter appearance in all directions
Inspection accuracy

Fatal defect: 100%

Serious defect: ≥95%

Minor defects: ignored

Inspection methodMulti-channels single capsule inspection
Applicable capsulesAll hard capsule sizes
Power supply380V / 50HZ/ 3-phase
Air consumption15L/min
Working condition

Temperature: 0-40℃

Relative humidity: 40%-60%

WeightApprox. 550Kg

 * Technical data are subject to change

Automatic capsule visual inspection machine working Video

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