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UPMACH is as known as Shanghai Union Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
UPMACH supplies good quality pharmaceutical machinery and packaging machinery at great prices for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics and other industries around the world.

UPMACH manufactures and supplies unit machine and production line for solid machines (such as tablet press, blender, tablet coater, capsule filler etc.), liquid machines (such as oral liquid, ampoule, vial injectable, eye-drop etc.), semi-solid machines (such as vacuum emulsifying mixer, tube filler sealer etc.) and packaging machines (such as blister packaging, cartoning, labeling, bottle counting etc.)


Pharmaceutical Machinery


Providing customers with quality and innovation drives us moving forward developing the higher standard machinery.


Having the best team with professional skills and technologies to achieve perfection. our dedicated and experienced engineers are striving for delivering the best quality of pharmaceutical and packaging machines.

Customer Satisfaction

With high performance and top quality, we provide affordable price to reduce customers burden. Customer service is also one of the paramount company goals with special emphasis on reliability, on-time delivery, operator instructions.

Technical Support

Qualified, skilled technicians are available for trouble shooting and problem solving to insure your machine is running smoothly. All our equipment includes a one-year warranty on non-wear parts and labor.


We only believe in offering qualified and guaranteed machines could lead us a way.


We strive to deliver the best quality products at great prices. We are always trying to be better in all our processes. Frequent evaluation and bench-marking helps us perfect the way we operate.

We always embrace feedback or critique; positive or negative, it all helps us grow and evolve into a better more efficient business.

Looking forward the future

Continuing to stun the competition with new machine models combining methods and systems at the cutting edge of today’s technology is our goal for the future.

Please contact us with particular needs of pharmaceutical and packaging machines and we look forward to establishing good business relationship with you.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality pharmaceutical and packaging machinery with great price to support the operations and growth of pharmaceutical and packaging industry while supplying our best technical service and pre and after-sales service in a timely manner.

Vision Statement

We will supply high quality pharmaceutical Machinery and packaging machinery while maintaining good customer support, promoting product innovations, and continuously providing fair and competitive pricing to our customers all around the world.



Please contact us for more details.

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