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GTB-60 Tube Labeling Machine

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GTB-60 tube labeling machine is suitable for rigid tube and roll pack labeling. It’s controlled by PLC, optical fiber and color detecting electric eye. This machine is stable and runs automatically. No bottle or roll pack, no labeling.

The frame and the table panel are made of steel and paint, table cover uses SS304, other materials are the Aluminum Alloy sandblasting and SS304.

GTB-60 tube labeling machine consists of label loading unit, coding unit, label sending unit, and control unit. It can line up with PZG-40 Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine.


Technical parameters

Voltage220V; 50/60Hz
Dia. of tube/roll15-30mm
Center diameter of roll75mm
Outer diameter of label roll300mm
Capacity60 pcs/minute
Dimensions (L*W*H)1400x500x1250mm

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