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PZG-40 Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine

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PZG-40 Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine is designed for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical etc. manufacturing and is based on a well proven technology for rapid and gentle filling of tablets in rigid tubes. PZG-40 Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine is fully GMP conform and can deliver a nominal capacity of 30 tubes/min.


  • Automatic tablet counting
  • No tube, no filling; no tablet, no capping
  • Automatic vibratory cap feeding
  • Automatic cap pressing
  • Detection and rejection if less filling
  • PLC+HMI control system

Technical parameters

Filling range10-30 tablets/tube
Diameter of tablet12-30mm
Thickness of tablet3-8mm
Length of Tube80-180mm
Max. Capacity40 tubes/min
Power supply220V/50Hz
Compressed air0.5-0.7Mpa, 0.28CBM/min

Main components and functions

  • Tablet feeding system: put tablets into the hopper, then tablets are automatically arranged into each track, and automatically send tablet to filling position. When bottle is detected at the filling position, then the cylinder automatically sends the tablet into the bottle.
  • Cap feeding system: put caps into the oscillating disc manually, then caps are automatically fed into a fixed position according to the set direction by means of oscillation.
  • Tube feeding system: manually put the tube into the hopper in the same direction, and the machine automatically arranges the tube into the filling position.
  • Capping system: when tablets are correctly fed into the tube, then capping unit automatically presses the cap into the tube. No tube, no capping; wrong tablet feeding, no capping; and can automatically reject the tube if it’s not capped.
  • Electronic control system: the whole operation process of the equipment is controlled by PLC, and automatically implements in sequence. It comes with automatic alarm system.

Main Configurations







Main electrical control components




Photoelectric switch, magnetic switch

Panasonic, Lambao, Festo

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