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ZP45 Rotary Tablet Press

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ZP45 rotary tablet press machine is a new generation product. It is a double-press type, continuously automatic rotary tablet press for pressing tablets. It is widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, electronic and etc. for pressing the granular material into all kind of round tablets, irregular tablets, two colors tablets and ring shaped tablets. 



  1. Meet the GMP requirements. Outer casing and the internal chamber pressure tablets are made of stainless steel table, rotary table with a special treatment, non-toxic, smooth, wear-resistant.
  1. Power, pressure, and has pre-press guides, smooth operation, can be pressed hard to shape materials.
  1. With overload protection device. Pressure overload, warning lights flashing, and automatically shut down.
  1. Using frequency control, easy operation, accurate and secure.
  1. Centralized lubrication system so that all lubrication points are adequate lubrication, lubrication system with high reliability.
  1. Give full play to the humanized design concept, the machine easy to clean and maintain.
  1. Confined in the main transmission gear box in the bottom, separating the individual components are safe, neither to each other pollution, and the deputy drive full lubrication, reduce noise and wear.
  1. Special installation structure, application for utility model patents so that the next punch guide rail and the next round of replacement and maintenance of pressure becomes convenient.

Technical parameters

Dies (sets)
Max. pressure (kN)
Max. dia. of tablet (mm)
(Special shape longest side)
Max. depth of fill (mm)
Max. thickness of tablet (mm)
Turret speed (r/min)
Max. production capacity
Motor (kW)
Net weight (kg)
Covering area (mm)
Height including the hopper (mm)
Height without the hopper(mm)1500

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