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Rapid mixer granulator is also called high shear mixer granulator or wet granulator. It’s an equipment that is used to mix powder ingredients and make granules. Rapid mixer granulator consists of mixing bowl, impeller, chopper, discharge port, liquid binder inlet port, pneumatic system and control system etc. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical industry and light industry.

Working Principle of Rapid Mixer Granulator

The granulation process of LMZ Rapid Mixer Granulator is carried out by mixing and granulating two processes in the same bowl. The powdery material is in the fixed conical bowl, and the powder collision is dispersed in the semi-flowing tumbling state due to the stirring effect of impeller. And to achieve full mixing, the material gradually becomes wet with the injection of liquid binder. With the material shape changing, impeller and the wall of bowl strengthens the effect of extrusion, friction and kneading to the material. And this results in loose soft material. Under the influence of granulation impeller, the loose soft material gradually forms fine and uniform wet granules.

Features of High Shear Mixer Granulator

LMZ Rapid Mixer Granulator adopts the most popular method of granulation that used in the world, mixing and granulation two procedures are carried out in the same bowl.

  • Improve the efficiency of 4 to 5 times;
  • Saving liquid binder;
  • Reduce drying time.
  1. The granulation impeller uses frequency inverter to control, easy to operate;
  2. V-type structure of the chopper and precision machining of impeller to raise mixed degree of uniformity to reduce the deposition of materials;
  3. Reasonable design, full-featured, stable performance;
  4. PLC control, HMI interface;
  5. Materials are produced in a closed blow, and granulation impellers are easy to disassemble, cleaning and maintenance;
  6. Fully comply with cGMP standards.

Application of Mixer Granulator

  • Pharmaceutical
  • foodstuff
  • cosmetic
  • chemical
  • ceramic
  • feedstuff

Wet granulator main components

Mixing bowl

The bowl is formed and fabricated in one entire piece of stainless steel, no welding part involved. It’s designed in conical shape, no dead corner and very smooth.


36-degree Z-shaped impeller works in three-dimensional motion. The distance to the bottom of bowl is 0.5-1.5mm. It features of material homogeneous mixing. There is very little material left on the wall of the bowl and it can reduce friction and save up to 25% energy.


Specially designed V-shaped chopper is used to breaks the particle and chops them into granules. It rotates at high speed (50-3000 RPM) to give easy and uniform granulation.

Discharge port

This port is mounted horizontally into the bowl and 45-degree discharge which can completely discharge granules. Pneumatic cylinder operates the opening and handles the discharge.

Touch screen

Dynamic working display and vivid in operation. It provides a user friendly showing all the functions in one interface. (English interface available)

Seal design

It’s of labyrinth seal design; rotating shaft chamber can automatically spray and clean; reliable seal and convenient cleaning.

Jacket cooling

Jacket cooling and automatic temperature control which can improve the quality of granules.

Pneumatic lid lifting

Pneumatic lid lifting with security lock function. Reliable, secure and easy to operate.

Double frequency control (vector type)

Starting impeller and chopper at a lower speed requires higher torque. Stepless and adjustable speed control.


PLC with analog module control can monitor the granulating process.

RMG Technical parameters

Total Capacity (L)1050100200300400600
Working Capacity (L)2-612-3625-7050-15060-220100-280150-440
Material Feeding Capacity (kg)1-36-1812-3525-7530-11050-14075-220
Impeller Rotary Speed (rpm)5-50050-50030-36030-26020-20020-20020-200
Chopper Rotary Speed (rpm)


Impeller Motor Power (KW)
Chopper Motor Power (KW)0.751.5347.57.511
Weight (kg)2604207601200160016503000

Mixer Granulator Photos

High Shear Mixer Granulator Video

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