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LG Series Roller Compactor

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Roller Compactor, known as Dry granulator, is new self-developed equipment which is integration of the extrusion, pulverizing and granulating, also belongs to new equipment with function of energy-save and environment protection.

LG Series Roller Compactor, it adopted the newest rolling control technology. By adjusting the physical properties of different materials or the same material, it can directly modify granulator’s process parameter such as the processing capacity, the particle density, the speed, the roller pressure; therefore, these kinds of granulator can efficiently produce high quality granules and also improve the particle’s stability, the disintegration and solubility.

Technical parameters

Max. capacity (kg/h)4070100150200250300
Fineness of particles (mesh)10-30
Total power (kW)6.879.5212.9714.9714.972121
Overall dimensions
H1800 (based on customer request)
H3100 (based on customer request)
Weight (KG)50060010001200135018002000

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