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Spray dryer

Spray dryer is a widely applied processing equipment used in liquid process shaping and drying industry. Particularly it is suitable for producing powder, granulate or block solid product from solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and pumped paste liquid. Therefore, when the distribution of granulate size, final moisture, bulk density, granulate shape of finished product must be conformed to accurate standard, the spray drying is an ideal process. The product made by spray dryer features of good uniformity, fluidity, solubility, high purity and high quality.

Working Principle of Spray Dryer

After filtering and heating, the air enters air distributor at the top of the dryer. The hot air enters the drying chamber in the spiral from uniformly. By passing through the high-speed centrifugal atomizer at the top of the tower, the material liquid will be rotated and spray into extremely fine mist liquid beads, through the very short time of contacting with hot air, the materials can be dried into the finished products. The finished products are discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and from the cyclone separator. The waste gas is discharged by blower.

The key point of the spray dryer is to pay attention to the material sticking to the tower, material moisture absorption, material collection, material protection and so on. For the wall sticking problem of materials, the wet materials should be paid attention to because the viscosity of the extraction solution is large. The particle size is large during atomization, and the centrifugal force obtained is also large. According to the general atomization diameter, the wall will definitely stick. Therefore, when designing the tower body, the diameter of the tower body should be large to ensure that it does not stick to the wall. Of course, the tower diameter cannot be expanded infinitely. Because the material contains a lot of glue, its hygroscopicity is very strong, so in the whole discharging process, the environment should keep low humidity. The average particle size of the centrifugal spray dryer is 120-140 mesh. Through a cyclone separator, 85% of the dry material can be recovered. The recovery rate can reach 93%-96% through the two-stage cyclone separator. The tower has better use the two-stage cyclone separator to make the dry powder yield reach 93%. At the same time, the wet dust collector is added to make the yield of the material reach the highest. Material protection is actually the most important. Generally, the temperature of the general extract is low. It will deteriorate when it is in high temperature. Therefore, it is very important to use the appropriate temperature to dry in the spray drying process. To achieve the same conditions, the output is high, the quality of finished products is good, and the protection of dry products is also important. The tower made by UPMACH is determined by combining the practical situation and the special situation of the extraction liquid. The diameter of the tower is relatively large to avoid wet material sticking to the wall, and the pneumatic vibrator is installed in the cone part to protect the dry powder from deterioration when it is accumulated in the cone, so that the dry powder can reach the outlet as soon as possible. In addition, a cold air jacket is added on the tower body to avoid the damage of a small amount of dry powder accumulated in the cone part.

Spray Drying Features

  1. Spray dryer is used to disperse the material into mist by using high speed centrifugal atomizer, and the drying device of powder finished product is formed when it is fully exposed to hot air.
  2. Equipment installation of refrigeration dehumidification device can be in the process of material drying, can make the material in the primary, secondary cyclone discharge was immediately after cooling, won’t make the material after drying in the condition of remaining agglomerate harden, after cooling of the material collected in cyclone separator, tail gas by cooling tower circulation fan back.
  3. Spray dryer can be installed in the process of freeze dehumidification device, the material through in the cyclone, second-stage cyclone after the material was immediately cooled, will not let the material dry in the residual temperature after the agglomeration hardened, after cooling the material, then collect material by cyclone separator, exhaust air through the cooling fan and then recycle back to the inner tower. (optional)
  4. The equipment installed HEPA filter, so that the air into the air purification of 300,000.
  5. The inlet air temperature is controlled automatically, which ensures the color, aroma and taste of the material will not be damaged.
  6. The whole operating system is easy to understand and easy to operate.
  7. In the tower body, the pipe is equipped with quick cleaning holes and blow-down holes, so that the cleaning is convenient and conforms to the GMP operation specification.
  8. Due to poor material fluidity, the equipment is in the main tower cone and cyclone cone equipped with air hammer, so that the dry powder will not adsorb on the wall.
  9. The control system with human-machine interface, PLC control, the process parameters can be stored and modify, centrifugal nozzle, the infusion pump is controlled by frequency converter, electric heating USES solid state relay control, save power.
  10. The receiving system adopts two stage cyclone separation + water film dust catcher to improve the yield of materials.
  11. Unique inlet screw distributor is UPMACH’s patent, to ensure that the tower in the circumference, the air volume is absolutely uniform down, to minimize the material sticky wall.
  12. The main tower adopts the quick-open cleaning door, the clean-up door adopts the integral design, and is optimized on the manhole design of the European spray tower, and UPMACH has applied for a new practical technology. Door operation is simple and convenient, while ensuring absolute sealing, to ensure that the manhole wall will not keep the material.
  13. Absolute mirror finish in the tower, no dead Angle, one reason is to avoid sticky material, the second is to facilitate cleaning.
  14. Easy to operate, to adapt to a wide range, without professional operators.
  15. Drying time short, only need 4-6 seconds from feeding to outlet material, active ingredients can not be damaged.
  16. The spray tower is large, it can adjust to the drying of various kinds of materials, the inlet air temperature and the temperature setting of the wind can be controlled by manual, automatic transformation, and the scope of work is wide.
  17. The fan and blower of the device adopt interlock control to prevent the main tower deformation due to the overpressure caused by the first turn on exhaust fan.
  18. Adopt the interlock control between blower and exhaust fan and electric heater, prevent electric heater in the absence of air flow dry, heater temperature through the lining deformation cracks, damage the electric heating tube temperature was too high.
  19. The heater is changed into u-shape tube, which can overcome the defect of weld cracking due to heat expansion and shrinkage of heating pipe. The outer shell of the u-shape tube avoids air leakage between the pipe and tube plate. The fins are made of aluminum alloy and the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency are improved.
  20. The electric heater box is made of thick insulation to ensure the heat insulation of electric heating box. The heating tube is made of SUS304 stainless steel extruded aluminum fin, which can be used to heat the heating tube and extend the life of electric heating tube. Electric control heating tube is divided into two groups, one group for the automatic control, automatic group USES the thyristor control, ensure that always in and out of the wind temperature control error of plus or minus within plus or minus 2 °.
  21. The air inlet of this device adopts two-stage filtration (initial effect, medium) air to reach 300,000 level purification. In this case, high temperature resistant type is installed in the outlet of the electric heater, so that the hot air that reaches the temperature is filtered through the filter and then enters into the tower, ensuring the cleanliness of the effective hot air. In order to detect the clogging degree of the medium and high efficiency filters, we installed the pointer type pressure differential gauge before and after the device site filter to detect the blockage during the filter work.
  22. Unique inlet air spiral air distributor, this device is our company’s patent, can guarantee on the circumference of the tower body, air volume down absolutely uniform, avoid wall material viscosity.
  23. The atomizer is made of special high-speed motor, small volume and light weight, easy to clean and maintenance. The atomizer is controlled by high frequency inverter, and the running speed is stable and reliable. Atomizer using purified water cooling, cooling line USES the electric contact pressure gauge and atomizer transducer interlock control, ensure that the atomizer is running under the condition of cooling water, effectively prolong the service life of the atomizer.
  24. The feeding pump is controlled by the frequency converter and the feeding speed is uniform. The feeding pump and the interlock control of the atomizer avoid the operation when the atomizer is stopped.
  25. The main tower is made of the inner wall panel to ensure smooth and smooth inner wall. The top part of the main tower is equipped with a light hole for observe the operation of the tower. In order to make the material dry powder in the inner wall straight and the cone adsorption, the cone added 4 pneumatic shock absorbers, effectively prevented the inner wall product more phenomenon. Jar to prevent vibration of tower wall for a long time makes the tower wall cracking or deformation, we use the steel beam welding in the tower wall first, because of the steel beam is made of 6 mm steel plate production, able to withstand the impact of the larger, exciting force produced by the jar have passed to the tower wall girder, and shock control adopts the symmetry of excitation method, to avoid the shock generated when resonance phenomenon, very good to protect the walls, not easy to deformation and cracking phenomenon.
  26. Use in cleaning open door main tower, clean up the door, the integral design in Denmark on the Nile company spray tower manhole design optimization to improve and become, and the company to apply for the new practical patent, the cleaning door, simple and convenient operation, at the same time guarantee the absolute seal, make sure the manhole wall does not knot material.
  27. The main tower adopts the cold air wall, effectively control the inner wall temperature of the main tower, and prevents the heat sensitive material absorb from the inner wall to be coking and denaturation. Cold adapted the progresses and protecting way design, ensure the tower high temperature and normal temperature air to heat exchange, in order to make into the cooling air of uniform, we adopt the tower to stick wall around a circle evenly distributed into the pores, and evenly distributed around a jacketed supporting strength, ensure that after the cold air into the jacket does not produce a short-circuit phenomenon, to ensure that the cooling air cooling wall. The cold wind through the clamp sleeve of the inner ring of the wind tunnel. To make the inner surface temperature does not reduce too much, we equipment temperature sensor, after the wind through the temperature control instrument set cooling air temperature, automatic control tower wall cooling temperature, ensure that due to the inner surface temperature is too low, the tower in condensation makes the material get damp and wall sticking phenomenon.(optional)
  28. The cyclone separator is made of the inner wall mirror board, and the cyclone center pipe is designed with detachable design, and the cleaning hand hole is opened at the top and side of the cyclone to ensure the cyclone is high and easy to clean. The cyclone cone is equipped with a pneumatic bumper to ensure that dry powder is not bridged and stacked in the cone during collection. Cyclone discharge with large diameter double combination way of the flap valve material, flap valve is my company new practical patent invention, changed the past using vacuum butterfly valve is easy to damage and difficult to clean up the situation. This plate valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and easy cleaning.
  29. The main tower is produced by using the mirror panel of the inner wall, and there are several cleaning hand holes in the elbow and straight sections to clean the inner wall of the pipe when the pipe is not removed.
  30. Dust collecting equipment and finally form a complete set of SS304 stainless steel vertical water scrubber collector device, vertical water water scrubber is relying on the dusty gas tangential to enter when the centrifugal force, the dust particles and wall in cylinder body formed by water film contact, adhesion by water. As long as the dust particles are dumped by centrifugal force on the wall of the wall, they will be captured for the adhesion of the water membrane, and the dust particles of the collection will not fly in the air, so the dust removal efficiency is much higher than that of the dry cyclone. Ensure that the exhaust emissions comply with the requirements for the comprehensive emission standards for atmospheric pollutants.
  31. The control system adopts man-machine interface, PLC control, process parameters can be stored and modified, and the data export function of USB interface is brought. Centrifugal nozzle, the infusion pump is controlled by frequency converter, electric heating thyristor control with high precision, make the precision of the temperature is plus or minus 2 ℃.

* Some features may not be applied due to different product characters and configurations.

Spray Drying Applications

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Polymeric
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
Spray drying application

Spray Drying Flow Chart

Spray Drying Flow Chart

Spray Dryer Technical Parameters

Inlet temp.Automatic control
Max. moisture evaporation52550100150200-10000
Centrifugal spray head driveCompressed air driveMechanical drive
Speed (RPM)25000180001800018000150008000-15000
Spray disc dia.50100120140150180-340
Max. power of electric heating936638199 
Dry powder recovery≥95%

Spray Dryer Photos

spray dryer
spray dryer
spray dryer
spray drying
spray drying
spray drying
centrifugal spray dryer
centrifugal spray dryer
centrifugal spray dryer

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