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IBC Bin Blender can automatically lift bin, blend and decline bin. One IBC bin blender equipping with different bins can meet the different mixing requirements for different products and different batches.

This IBC Bin Blender can complete all actions for clamping, lifting, mixing and declining. These processes can be completed in the same container, there is no step for frequent materials transfer and feeding. This is the ideal solution for dust-free production process of powder materials.

This main engine is mainly consisting of stand column, lifting system, rotation system, electrical control system, materials bin, etc. the rack adopts up and down supporting structure.

YHA-1 automatic IBC Bin Blender is machine, light, electronic integrated equipment which utilizes the PLC program control technology and frequency converting control technology. This machine is mainly used for the materials mixing in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and other industries, such as granule with power, granule with granule, power with powder, as well as powder materials production process. It’s an ideal machine designed for homogeneous blending and avoiding cross-contamination and powder contamination.

Bin Blender Features

  • Use PLC and frequency control to realize program control in the complete machine, and stable and reliable performance.
  • HMI friendly interface, clear picture, and convenient operation. It has high automatic control degree – the lifting, mixing and declining actions can be set automatically at one time. Built-in automatic and manual control mode can be switched as required.
  • It has huge storage space for parameters, 20 process parameters for various materials (or same materials for different production phases) can be stored, which can be invoked for using directly.
  • One host machine can be configured for many materials bin, to meet the mixing requirements of different batch sizes and various products, which is benefit for the user to execute the batch number management strictly.
  • This bin blender applies the photoelectric sensor with stable performance and reliable infrared ray as one of safety protection device to effectively protect user’s safe during equipment running.

Technical Parameters

Max. Loading Coefficient (%)70
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)2850×1700×2500
Working area (L*W*H) (mm)2850×2600×2500
Working speed (rpm)3-12
Lifting speed (mm/min)780
Max. rotating dia. (mm)2500
Max. material loading capacity (Kg)340
Total weight (exclusive bin) (Kg)1400
Blending bin clamping range (L)300-800
Power (KW)5.5

*Above information only for reference. The data is subject to change due to different bins fitted to YHA-1 in blender.


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