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GF80 Plastic Tube Aluminum Tube Filler Sealer

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1. The transmission part is closed under the platform, safe and no pollution.
2. The Loading and Sealing part is installed in the semi-closed and no static electricity
3. Visible cover above the platform so it is easy to observe and operate.
4. PLC and touch screen control, human and machine conversational color interface.
5. Optional sloping and vertical tube storage.
6. The upper tube rail automatically feed the soft tube into the upper tube working station.
7. The photoelectric target-aiming working station employ accurate detector and marching type motor, ensuring the tube design at the correct position.
8. When filling is finished, the end is blown away by the air blower.
9. No feeding is done when there is no tube available.
10. The sealing manipulator is flexible and multi functional. Through different adjustment, it can accomplish the operation of two edge folds, three edge folds, three edges folds and saddle-shaped edge folds.

Technical parameters

ApplicablePlastic Tube or Aluminum Tube
Max. Production Capacity75 tubes/min
Filling Volume3-250ml
Filling Error≤±1%
Suitable Tube LengthPlastic Tube: 50-210mm

Aluminum Tube: 50-160mm

Suitable For Tube DiameterPlastic Tube: Φ13-50mm

Aluminum Tube: Φ13-35mm

Overall Dimensions2500X1200X2400mm
Power Supply380V/50Hz/3P
Main Motor2.2KW
Hot Air Generator3KW
Heating Barrel (Optional)2.18KW

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