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ZH-300 Cartoning Machine

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ZH-300 Cartoning Machine is the fastest Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine in our company. It is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, household chemicals, hardware and electrical industries for the packaging of blisters, bottles, vials, pillow packs, toothpaste, ect. It can fold leaflets, open cartons, insert the products and leaflets into cartons, emboss, tuck-in or hot-melt closures and automatically discharge cartons. The machine is equipped with a series of sensors and automatic protective devices to assure the machine runs safely and effectively. It can connect with the Blister Machine, Pillow Packaging Machine, Shrink-Wrapper, etc., to form a Packaging Line. It is the best choice for mass production.

    Technical parameters

    Max. Capacity

    Blister: 300 cartons/min.

    Bottle: 160 bottles/min.

    Range of Carton Size

    Max.: 200×90×60mm

    Min.: 55×30×15mm

    Unfolded Leaflet Size


    Folded Leaflet Size








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