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DPB80 Mini Blister Packaging Machine

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DPB80 Mini Blister Packaging Machine is suitable for packaging capsule, tablet, big honey pill, candy, liquid, paste, one injector and widely used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc. 


  • With manipulator towing and adjustable travel range.
  • Flat plate structure can pack special shape products.
  • The whole procedure of feeding, forming, heat-sealing, impressing, batch number printing and cutting is accomplished automatically and continuously.
  • Compact size, with frequency inverter and ease of operation.

Technical parameters



Cutting Frequency (Times/min)


Max. Production Capacity (Blister/h)

2400 (Blister size: 80×57mm)

Max. Forming Area and Depth (mm)

80×100×26 (Standard 70×90×14)

Travel Range (mm)

20-80 (customizable)

Air Pressure (Mpa)


Standard Plate (mm)

80×57 (customizable)

Total Power

1.8kw; 380V/220V; 50Hz  

Main Motor Power (kw)


PVC Rigid Sheet (mm)


PTP Aluminum Foil (mm)


Dialysis Paper (mm)


Mould Cooling

Tap Water or Circulating Water

Overall Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


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