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Digital Liquid Filling Machine

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digital liquid filling machine

Digital liquid filling machine uses a high-accuracy gear pump as the metering device to fill liquids or creams into containers. The newly designed FD200 model is suitable for various liquids or creams. The filling volume of this digifill ranges from 2ml up to 10,000ml. The gear pump is driven by a PLC and a servo motor, the speed of the motor can be adjusted. Equipping with a high-quality servo motor, the filling accuracy of FD200 digital liquid filling machine can be up to 99.9% tested by 100ml water. Production capacity, filling speed and filling interval can be easily set on HMI without additional tools required. Each filling’ s speed can be customized, setting the speed from high to slow and setting the appropriate proportions can eliminate bubbles. Fast and responsive HMI can real-time monitor the production parameters and working process. This liquid filling machine can store several sets of product data, allowing the user to conveniently adjust the filling specifications and production quantity at any time. The gear pump can be easily disassembled and cleaned without requiring any additional tools. This tabletop gear pump liquid filler can be used as a single machine or can be connected with a conveyor as a fully automatic liquid filler. When this digital filler used as a single machine, it can work with 3 modes – by taping “Start” to fill, using foot switch to fill, or auto fill. Positive-shut-off nozzle can be equipped as an option for products with low surface tension.

Digi-Fill Liquid Filler Features

  • High filling accuracy
  • Servo motor driven
  • Large filling range
  • HMI control
  • Simple operation
  • Tool-free maintenance

Digi-Fil semi-automatic Liquid Filler Technical Data



Filling volume range


Filling Accuracy

± 0.1% (100ml tested)

Filling Speed

About 24 bottles/min (100ml tested)

Driving mode

Servo motor

Filling material



1P 220V 50-60HZ 0.4KW

Dimensions (L*W*H)


Net Weight


* Technical data are subject to change

Small Liquid Filling Machine Details

Digi-Fill gear pump

Gear Pump

Positive-shut-off nozzle

Positive-shut-off nozzle

Gear Pump Liquid Filler Dimensional Drawing

Tabletop liquid filler Dimensional Drawing

Tabletop liquid filler video

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