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D Type Closed Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine

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D Type Closed Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine is developed and designed to meet the needs of customer home and abroad for wash-free-ampoules filling and sealing. This is the latest products with the features of high efficiency, strong versatility, easy debugging and safety. This machine not only has all the common characteristics of ampoule filling and sealing machine, like using chain to convey ampoule and stopping conveying ampoules when the machine is not stopped, but also use pre-heating ampoule mouth opening system so that filling and sealing can be realized for closed ampoules. Using of converter, peristaltic pump and PLC with HMI intelligent control system can conveniently control the filling volume according to the features of filling product. The program system is protected with password and it’s easy to track the log data and user behavior.

    Technical parameters




    Production capacity (ampoules/h)



    Power supply

     220V, 50Hz

    Power (KW)



    Dimensions (mm)



    Weight (kg)



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