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PWG Spray Filling Capping Machine

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PWG Spray Filling Capping Machine is suitable for 5-500ml spray plastic bottle or glass bottle filling, valve and outer cap capping. It’s widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries. Linear and rotary two models are available for choice so that it can meet the need of different production site. PWG Spray Filling Capping Machine equips with clamping stainless steel pump (peristaltic pump or ceramic pump) for filling, electromagnetic oscillator for valve and cap unscrambling, double cylinder positioning for valve feeding, constant torque rotary pump for cap feeding and pneumatic protection for sealing. No bottle no filling and automatic rejection device. The operation is simple and changeover is easy.

Technical parameters


Suitable bottle size

Production60 bottles/min
Gas consumption0.8m3/h
Power supply380V, 50HZ

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