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DCY Series Single Punch Tablet Press

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DCY Series Single Punch Tablet Press is the prior choice in the industry of pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, laboratory and other industries for tablet trail and able to continuously and automatically press powder and granular material into tablets. DCY Series Single Punch Tablet Press can press Φ4-12mm round tablet.


1. High material utilization rate; reasonable structure; simple operation; comply with GMP requirement

2. Innovative design ensures the safety and standardization.

Technical parameters


Die1 set1 set
Max. Production Capacity3600 tablets/h3600 tablets/h
Max. Pressure50KN50KN
Max. Tablet Diameter12mm25mm
Max. Filling Depth20mm20mm
Max. Tablet Thickness8mm8mm
Power Consumption220V 50Hz 1.1kw220V 50Hz 1.5kw

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