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Film coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industry. It is an efficient, energy-saving, safe, clean and electromechanical coating equipment for tablet, pill, candy and other organic film coating, water-soluble coating, drip pill coating, sugar coating, chocolate and candy coating.

Working principle of tablet coating machine

Under the rotating of the coating pan, the tablet moves continuously in the pan. The peristaltic pump delivers the coating solvent to the spray gun and sprays it on the surface of the tablet. Under the condition of negative pressure, the air inlet air treatment unit supplies clean hot air to the tablet bed according to the set procedures and process parameters to dry the tablet. The hot air is discharged through the bottom of the tablet layer through the air exhaust air treatment unit, so that the coating solvent sprayed on the surface of the tablet can quickly form firm, fine and smooth surface film. This entire film coating process is implemented under the control of PLC. Film coating machine plays an important role in pharmaceutical solid line.

Features of tablet coater

  • The control system composed of PLC and HMI is reasonable in design and flexible in programming, which can meet the needs of various pharmaceutical processes, reliable in operation, stable in performance and meeting GMP requirements;
  • Under the action of the streamline guide plate agitator, the turning of tablet is smooth, and the exchange is frequent, which eliminates the drop and collision of tablet from a high place, eliminates the edge breaking and knocking, and improves the yield rate. The upper surface of the guide plate is narrow, which avoids the adhesion of the auxiliary materials on its surface, saves the auxiliary materials and improves the quality of the medicine;
  • Constant pressure variable peristaltic pump cancels the return pipe. The rotary radius of the roller varies with the pressure, and the output solvent is automatically balanced with the solvent volume. The atomization effect is stabilized, the spray system is optimized, and the spray gun is avoided being blocked. The auxiliary material is saved, and the cleaning is simple and without dead angle.
  • The new type of spray gun (imported from Japan) of film coating machine has uniform atomization, large spray surface and adjustable direction. The nozzle is not affected by the amount of loading. Automatic cleaning without any block. It can make the coating run continuously, shorten the coating time and save the coating auxiliary material;
  •  The technical parameters have realized quantitative display and control. SOP operation method can be compiled, and quantitative indicators can be used to guide the operation, so as to ensure the consistency of quality of each batch of medicines and fully meet the GMP requirements.

Main components of tablet film coater

Host Machine

Film coating machine adopts PLC and touch screen which temperature and negative pressure control system are displayed with such functions programmability, automatic adjusting such a majority of process parameters flow, negative pressure, intake, exhaust, temperature, rotational velocity the compile of SOP digitizing, making no difference between various batches products with the same technical parameter.

Hot Air Cabinet

Firstly, air inhaled in through the centrifugal fan should be purified up to the 100,000 level after three times filtration, involving primary filtration, medium filtration and high filtration, then be blown to the drum of main machine through the heat exchanger (steam or electric). Equipped with a vibration damper and primary filtration device in the air inlet, which is more in accordance with GMP.

Air Exhaust Cabinet

Air exhaust cabinet is used for exhausting air out of pan in the host machine (including dust absorption) and keeping the working area under negative pressure. This cabinet is equipped with a vibration damper and the exhaust outlet is equipped with a reflux-proof device. Close the exhaust outlet before stopping the machine to prevent the air in the exhaust cabinet from reflux. It is equipped with a dust abatement and filtration by vibration, so the vibration and dust are insulated, the dust is stopped from flying off and the dust abatement is automatically separated.

Agitating and holding tank (electric heating)

This thermal stirring tank is electric heating type. It’s equipped with pneumatic stirrer which is driven by compressed air featuring of stable rotation speed, stepless speed regulation and homogeneous medium mixing. The temperature can automatic control from ambient to 80. All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and it’s mirror polished inside and outside. This tank is convenient to operate, safe and reliable.

Technical parameters

Max capacity5kg10kg40kg80kg150kg400kg
Dia. of
coating drum
Rotating speed of coating drum2~25
Motor power
of host machine
Motor power
of air heater
Motor power
of exhauster
Host machine
Hot Air Cabinet
800 m3/h900 m3/h2500 m3/h2700 m3/h3600 m3/h5000 m3/h


Layout of tablet coating machine



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