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Lab Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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Lab Softgel Encapsulation Machine meets the requirements of GMP standard. It is a simple and efficient laboratory machine mainly used for R&D or small batch production of gelatin capsule products in laboratories, university or pharmaceutical researching institutes.

RWJ-5 Laboratory Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine is a complete system including host machine, tumble dryer, gelatin dissolving tank, drying car and tray, colloid mill and air compressor.

Technical parameters

Production capacity 4,000 softgels/ hour (500mg)
Roller die size Φ64*75mm
Die roller speed0-4rpm continuously variable transmission
Fluid single plunger supply 0-1.5ml
Filling variance ±2%
Power of host machine 1.5KW
Dimensions 800*650*1100mm
Weight 200kg

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