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Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

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pharmaceutical roller compactor

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor, LGV200 model, is newly developed equipment with integration of the compacting, crushing and granulating process. It can produce the powder material into granules with desired mesh (>16), and increase the material proportion and fluidity.

By using of Screw Vertical Feeding System, Roller Cooling System, Vacuum Exhaust System and Two-stage Granulating System, it efficiently reduces the fines content of the final granule and improves the quality of granules, so that makes a good preparation for the subsequent tablet pressing and capsule filling.

LGV200 Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor has a strong adaptability for all kinds of material, and can be used to produce the desired mesh granules according to the different needs without any additive during granulating. With easy process, compact structure, high automation, modular design, high batch capacity, high yield, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance etc., it is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.

Roller Compactor Usage Condition 

  • Applicable to material that is unsteady against moisture and solvent, as well as that may denature in humidity and high temperature.
  • Material mesh: natural and blended material with mesh >60.
  • Clean room with relative humidity<80% and temperature35℃.
  • Roller compactor should be separated when processing flammable and explosive material.
  • Power supply: 3AC 380V 50Hz, line N and line PE will not be interfered with each other.

Dry Granulator Working Principle

From the vertical feeding device, the powder material is fed into the compacting zone of the two counter-rotating rollers. The rollers compact the powder into flakes, then which enter the two-stage granulating device to be crushed and granulated. In all the process, the material is processed in the seal system, which can ensure that the material is clean and not contaminated.

In the actual production, the automatic operation mode is adopted. After setting the pressure parameter, the system can automatically adjust the screw feeding rotating speed by way of monitoring the gap between the two rollers, guaranteeing the raw material to be fed uniformly, the thickness of flake uniform, so as to get the qualified granules with stable quality and uniform particle size distribution.

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor Main Structure and Function

pharmaceutical roller compactor stucture

– Screw Feeding Device

  • By using screw feeder, the material is forced to flow and pre-compacted. The rotating speed of screw feeder is adjustable.
  • The scraping rod inside the screw feeder can effectively prevent the material from adhering to the inner wall of hopper.
  • The exhaust hole at the top of the hopper can help to reduces the proportion of air in the material and increase its compactness.
  • There is a material level sensor to detect feeding status for automatic operation.
  • The screw feeder can be moved upward or downward, and easy to be dismantled.
  • Different kinds of screw feeders used for the material with different property.

– Roller Compacting Device

  • Adopting steady hydraulic system with the pressure to be continuously adjusted, to ensure steady pressure and uniform material density.
  • Gap between two rollers is adjustable automatically to ensure the thickness of flakes uniform while continuous producing.
  • Overhung-type rollers for easy dismantlement and cleaning.
  • Special treated roller surface to enhance abrasive resistance.
  • Sealing with polymer material on two sides of rollers to decrease fine powder content.
  • Scraper at two sides of rollers to delete attached material on rollers.
  • The visible full sealing roller room adopted.
  • The Negative circulating cooling system guarantees the material property of thermo-sensitive substance and no leakage.
  • The water cooling system located outside the main machine for easy adjusting the temperature and volume of circulated water.
  • There is circuited channel inside rollers to ensure effective cooling and the temperature of roller can be lower than room temperature.

– Two-stage Granulating Device

  • Effectively reduce the fine powder content.
  • Optional sieves for getting granule with different mesh size
  • Gap between knife and sieve is adjustable.
  • Compacting process and granulating process can be separated completely for either producing granulate or flake.

– Electrical Control System

  • Full auto PLC control, friendly HMI, easy operation.
  • Frequency converters used for adjusting rotating speed of all motors, interlock protection adopted for start-up sequence and stop sequence.
  • Motor overload protection, pressure overload protection. Operation data setting, work mode setting, operation in order, password protection and data storage, etc.
  • Data and alarm can automatically display on the colorful touch screen.

– Overall Design

  • Modular design for easy dismantlement and cleaning.
  • Full stainless steel design with excellent abrasive resistance.
  • All parts contacting processed material are made of high quality stainless steel and polymer material in line with GMP standard.
  • Compact and humanized design with beautiful appearance.
  • Hairline surface treatment for outside stainless steel surface.
  • Excellent sealing to avoid dust contamination.

Pharmaeutical Roller Compactor Technical parameters

Roller SizeΦ200×50mm (W)
Maximum Forming Pressure120bar
Screw Feeding Rotating Speed20-120rpm
Roller Rotating Speeds6-16rpm
Two-stage Granulating Rotating Speed80-200rpm
Total Power8.0KW
Circulated Cooling Water Temperature<40℃
Overall Dimensions1400×1150×1950mm

* Note: the capacity is related to the material density and liquidity.

Options for Pharmaceutical roller compactor

Vacuum Loader

Vibrating Sieve

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