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YJC-220B Capsule and Tablet Inspection Machine

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The product flows from the feed hopper into a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips which are then collected in a collecting container.

The product enters the inspection stage in a single layer. The capsules and tablets are placed on rotating rollers and are continuously turned in front of the operator which ensures a reliable all-sided inspection. An adjustable mirror enables the operator to examine the far side of the product. Optionally the rotation speed of the inspection rollers is adjustable with a separate drive unit (refer to roller speed adjustment), independent of the inspection speed (refer to conveying speed adjustment).

Technical parameters

Max. capacity120000 Tablets or Capsules/h
Power supply

220V/50HZ Single phase or
110V/60HZ Single phase

Compressed air pressure6bar

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