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TYP-400 Deblistering Machine

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Deblistering Machine

Deblistering Machine is specially applied to recover the packaged materials, such as capsules, tablets, softgels, sweets, etc. from PVC/Aluminum blisters. With the adoption of manual feeding, it features a wide application scope of blisters and quick adjustment.

The working principle of Deblistering Machine is the separation of packaged materials and AL-PL plates through compression of rubber wheel and metal wheels.

Adjust distance between Metal Wheels according to blister shapes to make the AL-PVC blisters compressed between Rubber Wheel and Metal Wheels while the blister packing facing Rubber Wheel and between each Metal Wheel (Metal Wheels press Public Channel formed by blister packing). Through the revolution of Rubber Wheel, AL-PL blister plates will be pressed out and the packaged materials will fall into the collection box once the aluminum foil comes apart with the compression of Rubber Wheel.


  • Suit for all types of blisters with quick and simple adjustments.
  • Maximum blister pack size: 120mm x 65mm
  • All stainless steel construction meets cGMP standard.
  • Benchtop Deblistering Machine is great for hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals industries.
  • Two separate chutes for products and waste materials.
  • No change parts required for deblistering different sizes of blister packs.

Technical parameters

Max Output Capacity (p/h)1200
Power Supply1P 220/110V 50~60Hz
Dimensions (mm)400×450×310
Weight (Kg)46

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