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Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine

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Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine, ZHS-50 model, is an intermittent vertical cartoner and this cartoning machine can automatically open, fold and close cartons. The ZHS-50 can accept a wide range of packing products, like bottles, blister packs, pouches, sachets, tubes etc. The ZHS-50 cartoner is built with balcony design allowing the mechanical working parts separated from the packaging area. Integration of advance design concepts, this cartoner can use different carton sizes and features of simple adjustments. Conveyor type carton magazine can easily load cartons and change over to another size easily. Special carton opening device by means of air suction to open the box stably. The latest design comes with hexagonal structural which features of friendly feeding for operator and occupying less space. This semi-automatic cartoner is controlled by PLC and HMI. PLC control system makes the machine securer and more stable. HMI is very instinct and easy to operate. It also can save up to 100 menus with relative data for 100 different products. This semi-automatic cartoner can be made to be fully automatic cartoner by integrating an automatic infeed system dependent on the product features. The appearance of this cartoner is beautiful and the entire machine meets GMP requirements.

Semi-automatic Cartoner Working Principle

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine utilizes the manner for sucking the cartons thus feeding them into the star wheel. Then, after the products to be packed are put into the carton manually, the cartons shall then be rotated to flap folding mechanism from the star wheel for flap folding. After completion of such procedures, the star wheel shall further rotate the completed cartons to the carton push-out mechanism for output.

Semi-automatic Vertical Cartoning Machine Features

  1. Small footprint.
  2. User friendly, only one operator required.
  3. Suitable for various kinds of products.
  4. Short setup time and tooling changeover is simple and fast.
  5. Simplified engineering design allows for ease of maintenance.
  6. Constructed with stainless steel meets GMP requirements.
  7. Speed regulation by means of a Japanese Panasonic inverter.
  8. Intermittent motion and with electric synchronisms controls.
  9. PLC controlled with HMI operation.
  10. Conveyor type carton magazine for easy loading cartons.

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine Layout

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine Layout

Carton Size

Semi-automatic cartoner Carton size

Semi-automatic Vertical Cartoner Technical Data

Max. Production capacity50 cartons/min
Power supplyAC380V; 50Hz or AC220V;50Hz
Power consumption1.5 KW
Air pressure0.6Mpa clean and stable air
Suitable carton sizeL: 20-85mm
W: 20-60mm
H: 60-200mm
(special Format can be customized)

Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine Videos

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