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Automatic Tablet Capsule Packaging Line

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Automatic Tablet Capsule Packaging Line consists of SL Series Electronic Tablet Capsule Counter, GX200 high speed capping machine, JF-2 aluminum foil induction sealer and LTB-A labeling machine. Each part can operate synchronously which make sure its stability and reliability. Each machine in this line also can be disassembled and used independently. And the whole line can be assembled very easily and quickly. This line adopts PLC control system and touch screen interface to promote its practicability. The outer frame is made of 304 stainless steel.

Automatic Tablet Capsule Packaging Line is mainly used for tablet, capsule and pill’s filling. This line applies to both plastic and glass bottles. Its operation simple and easy. The production capacity is reliable. This line is widely used in medical, food and chemical industries.

This filling speed of this line is 30~120 bottles/minute. If you have special requirements for this packaging line please contact us and customization is available.

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