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KGL Series Vial Capping Machine

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KGL Series Vial Capping Machine is suitable for capping round glass bottle and plastic bottle. It is used in pharmaceutical industry, light industry and chemical industry. It is deeply welcomed by pharmaceutical factory users.

KGL Series Vial Capping Machine consists of turntable, conveyor, star wheel, aluminum cap oscillator and its track, bottle holder, single knife 10 head capping head, bottle outlet track and electric control system. It utilizes the positioning and the rotating of bottle holder and capping knife roller to conduct the capping process.

Working principle

The bottles come through turntable, conveyor and the screw conveyor to feed, then to the bottle holder and capping knife roller to be positioned. After that, the bottle will be capped by the force of the cam and be pushed out one by one.


  • Built-in turn table, running is stable. Qualified capping ratio is high and the adjusting of the capping head is easy.
  • Bottle feeding, capping and bottle out is done automatically, can be used as single machine.
  • Simple structure and appearance; easy operation, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Falling bottle auto rejected in the turntable, machine alarms when bottle falls in the track; no bottle, no cap-adding; machine auto stops when insufficient cap.
  • Speed is adjusted by inverter.
  • Easy to change the change part, aluminum cap oscillator and capping head can be operated by handwheel.
  • Optional acrylic glass hood.

Production capacity

– KGL-10 capping machine: 300-320 vials/min (7ml vial)
– KGL-8 capping machine: 220-250 vials/min (7ml vial)

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