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KBG-2 Liquid Filling Stoppering Machine

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Working principle

KBG-2 liquid filling and stoppering machine consists of turntable, star wheel, synchronized belt, tracing filling system, stoppering device, bottle outlet track and electric control system. The filling needles come along with the vials and the servo motors drive the rotary ceramic pumps separately to conduct filling process.

KBG-2 liquid filling and stoppering machine uses turntable and synchronized belt to feed bottle, tracing needle to position the bottles, servo motor drives the ceramic pump with a proper speed according to the filling dosage set by the electric control system. Finally, the bottles go to stoppering roller to get half-stoppered or full-stoppered and then be pushed out one by one.


    KBG-2 liquid filling and stoppering machine is suitable for injection vial liquid filling. It is a new generation of liquid filling machine developed based on the former 8 head filling machine and also by referring to the similar product abroad. It utilizes synchronized belt to feed bottles.


    • Peristaltic pump or high precision peristaltic pump filling, filling speed is high and filling error is small.
    • Groove cam device positions bottles precisely. Running is stable, changeover is easy.
    • Button control panel is easy to operate and it has high automation degree.
    • Falling bottle auto rejected in the turntable, no bottle, no filling; machine auto stops when no stopper; auto alarms when insufficient stopper
    • Equip with auto counting function.
    • Optional acrylic glass protection hood and 100-class laminar flow
    • Optional pre-filling and after-filling nitrogen filling.
    • Designed according to GMP requirements.

    Technical parameters



    Suitable vial specification

    10, 20, 50, 100ml

    Production capacity (Vials/min)

    100-120 (2-10ml)

    80-100 (10-25ml)

    50-80 (25-100ml)

    20-50 (100-250ml)

    Power supply

    220V/ 50Hz

    Power (Kw)


    Filling type

    peristaltic pump with 2 heads

    Dosing Error


    Stoppers feeding ratio


    Vacuum degree equipped


    Vacuum quantity equipped


    Noise (dB)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Weight (kg)


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