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DSG2-A Eye Drop Filling Capping Machine

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DSG2-A Eye Drop Filling Capping Machine has developed for the production of ophthalmic medicine. It adopts peristaltic pump fixed filling with 2 heads.

Working principle

DSG2-A Eye Drop Filling Capping Machine consists of turntable, bottle feeding, graduator, filling system, nozzle and cap oscillator, cap-screwing system bottle outlet track and electric control system. It depends on graduator to position the bottles; cam drives the filling needles to fill. Filling process is finished in one time.
Turntable is used to feed the bottles, graduator to position bottles. The oscillator handles the nozzles and caps. The manipulator adds nozzles and caps. After cap-screwing, the bottle will be pushed out from the machine.

    Technical parameters



    Suitable bottle size


    Filling error


    Auto stoppering ratio


    Bottle breakage ratio


    Power supply

    220V, 50HZ



    Filling head


    Compressed air pressure

    0.4-0.6Mpa; 25-35 L/min

    Single machine noise



    2620*1250*1480 mm


    Approx. 800KG

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